About Us


TOUTOUTZIDAKIS ANTONIOS AND Co EE – “AGRIBIZ” is an EXPERT consultancy company offering a full range of efficient registration services for the planning, development and registration of agrochemicals, in the lights of European Regulation 1107/2009 framework and for biocidal products, in Greece & Cyprus.

“AGRIBIZ” provides clear budgetary estimation for all kind of services related to comprehensive regulatory affairs and contact with Greek companies, contractors and Competent Αuthorities.

Our personnel is acquainted with the preparation and handling of registration documents, from different countries in the Southern European Zone, in their original languages.

Assuring a fluent communication with the regulatory Authorities & Evaluators and having a good knowledge of the EU legislation and procedures, we apply our expertise so that Plant Protection and Biocidal products are successfully registered and brought in the market in the shortest amount of time possible.


The business is managed by Antonis Toutoutzidakis, dipl. Agronomist and pesticide consultant, with understanding of EU regulatory affairs and experience in the agrochemical's market.

Agribiz professionalism proved over a decade of regulatory services in Greece and Cyprus is the best guarantee for their clients, for successful fulfilment of their applications, in the lights of a safe & Non- Disclosure environment, that duly protects their data investment.


Our values are customer oriented, equally treating every collaborator and delivering the best possible service according to the customer's needs and possibilities. Agribiz is not involved in marketing arrangements or agreements, neither interferes in any sale activity, post registration of our Sponsors products. Our aim is to work, solely, for registration purposes, and believe, this is one of the main reasons, for our remaining at the top, of “quality regulatory services consultancy” in Greece and Cyprus, for the last ten years.